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Scallop Appetizer

This started out as good idea, but the whole was less than the sum of the parts, having said that the scallops were very good on their own.  The garnish is fennel and yellow pepper, the sauce is a Mandarin orange and soy sauce. Under the scallop is a slice of cucumber which is completely superfluous and should be omitted.  DSCN4539-31-Dec-2007

Brined Pork Chops

This is a glorious way to eat pork chops, very tasty, tender and juicy. The important thing is to not over brine them, so salt concentration and timing is everything. The chops are grilled and as you see the grill lines really stand out on the chops, the chops were finished with a mustard/maple syrup sauce and sDSCN4534-29-Dec-2007erved with broccolini and couscous with grilled peppers.

Christmas Appetizers

A number of different tarts, all with different kinds of cheese or other toppings and a healthy dose of caramelized onions or mushrooms, some with demiglace, pearl onions, pea shoots and enoki mushrooms. The cheese is Jarlsberg or Parmigiano-Reggiano.DSCN4526-25-Dec-2007

Pasta E Fagioli

This is a kicked up version of the dish, which is made from the left over braising liquid from osso buco, I also like the addition of fennel, and you can see the fennel fronds used as garnish.


Osso Buco

Milk fed veal shanks braised in a tomato based sauce, an Italian classic, served with saffron risotto, on top of the shank is a braised chipollini onion. For an appetizer we had endive with smoked salmon tartar, and roasted baby golden beats with reduced balsamic vinegar.

Roast pork tenderloin

Roast pork tenderloin with a mushroom and baby golden beat sauce, with boiled carrots and mashed potatoes.

Roast pork tenderloin

Roast pork tenderloin

Italian Lamb Shanks

For starters veal pinwheels in consommé. The main course is Italian Lamb Shanks in a tomato based braising liquid, along with brocolinni and potato pavé with cheese.