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Vienna Sausage Corn Dogs

I used to love these canned sausages when I was a kid just a hint of smokiness, dipped in a light corn meal batter and deep fried. Pretty good, but next time I’ll pick up the real deal instead of the canned version.DSCN4986-22-AUG-2009

A whimsical breakfast

A little toad in the hole with challah bread and quail eggs, given the size of the eggs and bread the Edvard Munch’esque faces simply presented themselves and the rest is history. Also on the plate is some rosti hair and a bacon bow tie.

Eggs Benedict

This is about as weird and great as it gets, Wagyu striploin grilled. The stack unfolds like this, potato rosti, vine ripened tomatoes, sliced Wagyu, poached quail eggs, red wine and caramelized onion sauce.