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New Years 2009

This was a multi-course dinner featuring quail eggs and my wife’s favourite “Veal Chops” fortunately it was warm enough to fire up the BBQ.

  1. Cream of a asparagus soup with a poached quail egg in a champagne flute
  2. Stuffed cremini mushroom caps, the filling was ground chicken with minced mushroom and topped with Jarlsberg cheese
  3. Arugula Salad with light lemon and olive oil dressing topped with a hard boiled quail egg
  4. Grilled veal chop, simple boiled PEI potatoes and heirloom carrots
  5. Finally Crème brûlée made with quail eggs, there was a lot of cracking going on to get enough yolks and a generous amount of swearing.

A great way to ring in the New Year.DSCN5123-31-DEC-2009

Cooking Hard Boiled Quail Eggs

Although I posted the definitive guide on chicken eggs, your mileage will vary greatly with quail eggs, so here are a couple of good references:

Update: After following the directions on un-shelling the hard boiled eggs, I would avoid the towel method and simply use the back of a paring knife to crack the shell and use the tip to pierce the membrane and then simply start peeling.