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Home made ravioli

Home made ravioli, made with regular flour and not semolina, stuffed with veal. We over stuff our pasta so you only need a few to fill you up. The one issue with over stuffing the pasta is that they are harder to cut and they occasionally explode in the pot, but with a little salt you can actually make a nice soup out of the “rejects”. Finally the other dish made this day is a sheet of pasta rolled up with veal, par boiled, cut into medallions then fried in butter and finally served with home made tomato sauce.

Braised Morocan Lamb Shanks

A favourite for fall and winter, these shanks are sweet and flavourful with lots of vegetables, served on Basmati rice.DSCN4339-29-Sep-2007

Beef Tenderloin Experiment

A nice beef tenderloin, crusted with a goat cheese and herb mixture, with some mashed potatoes and baby summer squash and caramelized onions maple syrup and white wine. As an experiment the goat cheese crust was OK, a compound butter would have been much better.


Home made Ravioli

Home made ravioli, stuffed with ground veal and herbs, the dough is made from simple white flour. This is my wife’s and her mothers recipe and fresh ravioli is far superior to the stuff you buy in the store. The tomato sauce is Classico.