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Chicken Cutlet

A chicken cutlet breaded with homemade bread crumbs and secret seasoning, topped with spinach and jarlesberg cheese. Served with tabouli and spinach.


Grilled Veal Chop and Duck

We started dinner with a simple appetizer of duck prosciutto, Jarlesberg cheese and d’anjou pear. My duck prosciutto is very good, but unfortunately I brined it for about 24 hours too long, so it is very salty hence the pear and cheese to help soften the bite of the salt.

The main course was fiddle heads, and tabouli made from whole wheat, which has a distinctly nutty flavour compared to regular couscous. Finally the star of the meal was a nice veal chop.

Shrimp pasta with bruschetta

We had a starter of bruschetta grilled rubbed with garlic and served with the traditional topping of diced tomatoes, onions and parsley and olive oil along with a little kicker from some balsamic vinegar, this is a great app, easy to make and the topping store very well in the fridge. The main course was sautéed shrimp with red peppers, snow peas and leeks on spaghettini.

Pepper Steak

This is a bit different than the normal green peppercorn sauce I normally make, for this dish I added julienned green peppers which worked quite nicely in the sauce, we split a strip loin as opposing to having a whole one each. Served with steamed green beans and medallions of Dijon fingerling potatoes with parsley.


Spaghetti with meat sauce

You can’t eat haute cuisine every day, a simple meat sauce made with ground chuck and served on spaghetti with Parmigiano Reggiano and finished with lots of ground black pepper. Also served with a side of garlic bread, can’t get much easier than this.


Mothers Day

We started with shrimp cocktail and hush puppies or corn meal based pancakes which you eat like latke topped with the smoked salmon, onion, sour cream, caramelized onions. The main course was a pan fried sea bass fillet that was poached in lobster bisque and served with green beans, poached pearl onions and baby new potatoes. The creaminess of the lobster bisque marries very well with the firm almost creamy flesh of the sea bass. I make the hush puppies all the time now for breakfast, far better than pancakes in my opinion.

All steaks are not created equeal…

A humongous rib-eye and appropriately size tenderloin, dusted with Barbarians Steak Spice, both were cooked medium rare which is challenging given the size difference and timing. Served with parsley potatoes and simple medallions of carrot. Mine was the small one.


Miso glazed Atlantic Salmon

This is very simple to prepare, pan fry your salmon to a golden brown, smear miso mixed with a little honey, sesame oil and finish in a hot oven. I served this massive piece with steamed rice and stir fried broccoli.