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A tower of roasted golden beet, pickled red beet, baked serrano ham, ricotta salata, balsamic glaze and wrapped in chives. Very tasty.


Scallop Appetizer

This started out as good idea, but the whole was less than the sum of the parts, having said that the scallops were very good on their own.  The garnish is fennel and yellow pepper, the sauce is a Mandarin orange and soy sauce. Under the scallop is a slice of cucumber which is completely superfluous and should be omitted.  DSCN4539-31-Dec-2007

Christmas Appetizers

A number of different tarts, all with different kinds of cheese or other toppings and a healthy dose of caramelized onions or mushrooms, some with demiglace, pearl onions, pea shoots and enoki mushrooms. The cheese is Jarlsberg or Parmigiano-Reggiano.DSCN4526-25-Dec-2007