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Lady Bird Candy Apples

For a Halloween party I made Lady Bird Candy Apples the apples are quite small and I avoided using food dye for the caramel. This was a big hit with all the kids and those who are kids at heart. The ever present reference “The Joy of Cooking” is in the background.


Cooking boiled eggs

This looks like a rather definitive guide:

Little Neck Clams with St. Jacobs tomato sauce and Linguine

Steamed Little Neck clams in St. Jacobs tomato sauce and served with whole wheat linguine noodles.


Lasagna made with St. Jacobs tomato sauce

I purchased a quarter bushel of Roma tomatoes at St. Jacobs market and one of the benefits is a fire roasted peppers and spinach lasagna made with fresh tomato sauce, very tasty.


Grilled USDA Strip Loin

This concludes our 3 day orgy of meat, a grilled USDA Strip Loin (from Bruno’s) along with rustic mashed potatoes and summer squash with caramelizeDSCN5063-2009-OCT-10d onions sherry and maple syrup

Grilled Veal Chop

A grilled frenched veal chop, with asparagus caramelized onions shaved Parmesan cheese and rustic mashed potatoes, all the product was from our St. Jacobs tripDSCN5048-2009-OCT-09

Peter picked a peck of peppers…

A gorgeous selection of fresh peppers at St. Jacobs market.stuff-002-2009-OCT-08

Fresh Ontario Pork Chop from St. Jacobs

Fresh pork chop, carrots and rustic boiled potatoes all from a trip we took to St. Jacobs.

St. Jacobs pork chop

St. Jacobs pork chop