Duck Prosciutto

This is a little project in progress, I have a Muscavy duck breast hanging in the basement where it's plenty cold enough for the slow curing of the meat. I first tried this delicious treat at the Paddock where my friend Gavin noted that he has made duck prosciutto in the past, so after getting the recipe he used, I'm off on a little culinary adventure. How will this turn out, only time will tell…

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  1. Very strange that I am making Duck Proscuitto and decide to Google "Duck Proscuitto" to see what come up.  I have a free website focus on pursuing life's passions….one of mine is Charcuterie.

    Good luck on your adventure.  By the way, what is "the Paddock"?

     All my best,

     Craig Reinhart

  2. Gavin Rowatt says:

    Timmah — came across your website in my favourites and decided to check in (hadn’t been here in a while).  How did the duck ham work out?

    After sending you the recipe, I decided to make a couple myself.  Turned out very good the second time around too.  Only trouble I run into is that I don’t have a device that slices it as thinly as I’d like and I don’t think I’m gonna run out and get a meat slicer anytime soon.

  3. The duck worked out, but I brined it a little too long so it’s a little saltier than I would like, but very tasty none the less. Definitely something to do again in the winter.

  4. Jason says:

    Dear Gentleman

    Can i possiblely get a copy of your recipe. I have place to breast in a brine today with a fellow chef. one recipe was with rock salt, juniper berries, bay leaf & dried thyme.

    The other was a mix of 70% rock salt, 30% sugar, juniper berries, bay leaf, dried thyme & white rum

    If you can email me your recipe it would be great.

    Thank Jason

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