Valentine’s Day Extravaganza

Cream of asparagus soup from scratch, of course. The soup is pretty conventional, just see Joy of Cooking, also added to the bowl before adding the soup was: shaved black truffles, black truffle oil, and roasted shallots. There’s an almost undefinable quality which truffle oil adds to a dish, that leaves me speechless. Served with Veuve Cliequot Ponsardin. The main course is pan seared salmon poached in lobster bisque with haricots verts, pearl onions and orange, white and red baby carrots, along with a potato cake in ramekin topped with Parmigiano-Reggiano and stuffed with roasted shallots, garlic and black truffle and truffle oil. The main course was paired with Kumala Reserve Merlot 2003, a very good match. Finally a dessert of boisen and raspberries flambeed in cognac and served with pound cake and ice cream.

For the one I Love Arlene.

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