Jiggs Dinner

This is an annual event hosted by our good friends Stephanie and Glenn. Steph’s dad does all the cooking for this traditional Newfoundland fest of salt meat, turkey and boiled vegetables. I’m already counting down the days until 2008’s Jiggs Dinner.

See last years dinner here.

Here are a few Jiggs dinner references: JIGGS DINNER Newfoundland – Jiggs Dinner


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2 Responses to “Jiggs Dinner”

  1. Doug manstan says:

    Jean and I are very pleased to prepare the annual ” Jiggs dinner” Newfoundland style with the few additional vegetables durning Jan. month. A vote was requested last night Jan. 19 2008 by the 28 attendees for a 2009 dinner. Decission; Jiggs dinner will be held Jan. 2009 at Stephanie and Glenn’s.        Thanks Doug Manstan

  2. Alex kearney says:

    You said you have it anuallly i have it every sunday

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