Jiggs Dinner

We’ve been lucky to attend this annual event held by our friends Glenn and Stephanie, who are both from Newfoundland where this tradition is from. Steph’s father Doug did most of the heavy lifting, I mean cooking. For the meat there was “salt meat” or salt beef if you prefer and a turkey, the vegetables included boiled potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, parsnips, cabbage, cauliflower, pease’ pudding, turnip all in the same very large pot. This is one of my dining highlights of the entire year, I’m already looking forward to next year at this time… Our friend Joanne is starting the buffet line. Here are a few Jiggs dinner references: JIGGS DINNER Newfoundland – Jiggs Dinner


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  1. Bud Rowe says:

    This is an evening I look forward too, as soon as the last one is over. Hosts/cooks Stephnie, Glen and my school buddy of many years past, Doug, do a very fine Newfie night and dinner. I hope it goes on and on year after year.


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