Editorial Comments and other food going ons…

With Super Bowl Sunday just passed there was only pizza and chicken wings on the menu, mind you they were the best damn chicken wings in Toronto, courtesy of Mr. Janes and the Bistro on Avenue Road. We also had dinner at the Corner House on Feb. 4th which is part of Winterlicious. I was pleasantly surprised by the Lamb and Lentils I had, the appetizer of shrimp was outstanding, the waiter brought me a second helping of shrimp after I shared my dish with my wife, finally the Crème Brule was outstanding. We will definitely be going back in the future. On Monday, Feb. 7, we had roasted BBQ chicken legs with root vegetables not very exciting and more or less a repeat of my first post. Last night for Fat Tuesday we had a feast at Mr. Janes’ which is an annual tradition, we filled up on ham, pancakes, sausage and many other fixings along with a healthy dose of wine. I’m feeling very fat today after all the great food yesterday. Finally, I know nothing about taking pictures of food, but I’m slowly learning how to use my first camera. Any advice would be appreciated.

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